We Fight Disability

Fight against disability is our raison d'être.  We are committed to facilitate  "heart-filled" exchanges between seekers and providers of "community help" against disability. Furthermore, we intend these exchanges to be respectable, credible and evidence-based. We conduct research for understanding the needs better, we offer "consciousness raising" awareness programs and facilitate technology-driven platforms for connecting hearts with one another.

A Brief History of SAF

Swaastya Aarogya foundation (SAF) is a registered NGO and is a subsidiary of PRS Neurosciences and Mechatronics Research Institute (PNMRI) Private Limited. An inspired doctor couple started  Swaastya Aarogya foundation  with an objective of providing best possible neuromodulation and neurorehabilitation care to every individual, irrespective of their social and financial capabilities. It's only appropriate that you hear the history from the hearts that started this.

Consciousness-raising Campaigns
for Preventing Disability


We work with honorable members of the judiciary to promote several disability prevention initiatives centered on raising the awareness of the community on judicial frameworks for understanding the "rights-duties" doublet in the context of disability prevention. 


Through our partnerships with other community support and philanthropic foundations, we offer several clinician-moderated programs for raising awareness of the community for prevention and optimal treatment of disability following brain and spinal cord injuries. 


We work with schools and parents to educate young children and teenagers on brain and nervous system diseases and disorders through short-certification courses and quiz programs. The outcomes of these programs may inspire  the next generation neuroscience minds or at the least spawn a neuro-aware citizen free from the burden of neurological disability.


Preventing road traffic accidents is the least we as a nation can do to protect Indian Aspirations for a 5 trillion economy. Furthermore, "time-is-brain" is another idea that needs better implementation. At SAF, we work with Traffic  department to promote several events and innovative programs to achieve these dual objectives. Join these campaigns & realize the true imports of Swaastya & aarogya.