Be a Champion for Champions

Patients and families fighting disability to regain functional independence are real champions!  Their efforts need cooperative assistance not "idle sympathy". Our team of champion volunteers believe in creating and disseminating proactive, respectful & function-restoring social responsibility paradigms. We welcome you to join this "Champion-Network".

The True Currency of CSR

The "true currency" of social responsibility is not inside a pocket, rather it's inside a heart, which has the courage to reflect one's self  in others. If these reflections can trigger mirror neurons compassionately, then all will be truly enabled. Should we create a "heart-centered" community that is socially responsible? Well, hear another heart speaking...

Four Push Backs Against
the Impact of Disability

Don't Shy Away 
from seeking assistance

Stay focused on attaining back your functional independence. Let your problems not come in your way. Seek assistance boldly, don't shy away, it's OK to reach out and we have processes in place to organize support respectfully. Just imagine a day, when life is normal again and you can assist others...

Get Inspired; Watch
Journeys of Hope

Seeing is believing & just because "we don't see", we do not get the full impact of disability on individuals, families and national aspirations. please click the button below to see "real-life" videos of champions traversing the journey towards functional independence. They will inspire you for sure.

Make a Contribution; 
It Comes Back

Often times, simple gestures can earn you invisible trophies, that are good for your soul. We all know this, don't we? Yet, we sometimes don't know how to help, who needs it and what do they really need and lastly, we need to know if some one "really" needs it. We've done these heavy lifting ourselves to confidently request you to click the button below.

Learn & Become a
Certified Volunteer

Getting Certified, but why? Fight against disability can be daunting & complex. We "go to school" to understand the difficulties of fighting against disability. We have created evidence-based scientific models for assisting people with brain & spinal cord injuries and we're game for sharing this know-how with your kind hearts. Value for your time, may be!